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Whole Food Supplements

Imagine for a moment that you are currently 200,000 years old.  For that time your diet had been completely unprocessed, organic, and much of it was self-grown, foraged, hunted, and prepared.  150 years ago, all of that changed... radically.  You starting gardening and hunting much less.  Your work became more mechanical and repetitive.  Your food became mass produced, genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides, highly processed, and grown in depleted soils.  


This is analogous to a 50 year old experiencing this change two weeks ago.  The species homo sapien is approximately 200,000 years old. Our close cousin the cave man is more than 2.5 million years old.  For that time we have hunted, gathered, and grown a very complex, highly nuritious diet from foods that have evolved for millions of years.  Today's industrialized foods and name brand suppliments are not the same whole foods you have been consuming and co-evolving with for thousands to millions of years.  Act your evolutionary age.  Eat whole foods.

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