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Shoulder Treatment


Here is what to expect as a new patient

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled visit to complete the necessary forms prior to the initial visit.  Or if you could, please download the new patient paperwork in the link below:


New Patient Paperwork


Also, please bring any past x-ray or MRI reports.  


An initial doctor-patient encounter will last 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the case. The goal of the first visit is to fully assess and identify the specific tissue structures that may be causing the pain. The doctor will start by taking a thorough history followed by a comprehensive, functional examination. The doctor will then render the necessary treatment after explaining the purpose and nature of the treatment modalities used.

The provider will then provide a followup review of the case, which includes informing the patient of the cause of symptoms, why the dysfunction is there, and what the doctor and patient must do to correct it. At our office we feel it is important and ethically necessary to tell the patient what they need, according to the patient’s goals, discuss the treatment options, and arrive at a rational, conservative treatment plan.​

  • Do You Accept Insurance?
    Yes, we routinely submit insurance claims for our patients. While many insurance companies offer complete chiropractic coverage, some offer only partial coverage or no benefits at all. Our office accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, G.I.C., Allways, Veterans Choice, and Medicare. Additionally, we handle worker’s compensation, personal injury. Cash rates are discounted to $165 for the initial evaluation and treatment and $65 for follow up appointments. Re-evaluation appointments are needed for patients who have not been to our office for over 18 months. Our office can help verify your health care/chiropractic benefit but we strongly urge you to call your own insurance to verify coverage due to the wide variety of plans.
  • What If You Don't Accept My Insurance?
    Its easy! If you have out of network chiropractic benefits with your health plan all you have to do is pay our cash rate up front (we accept cash, check, credit cards, and Health/Flex Spending Accounts) and we will give your a detailed receipt with the charges and billing codes. After that, you can get reimbursed directly from your health insurance company.
  • How much care will I need?
    This is a difficult question to answer for any medical professional given that patients are not all the same. The main factors that determine how much care is necessary are the individual’s ability to recover, the treatment goals (symptom reduction, functional restoration, or prevention of further relapses), age, severity of the condition, chronicity of the condition, and adherance to the treatment plan & frequency. Once a patient's primary complaint is resolved and proper movement and function are returned, exercises are given to maintain functional and structural integrity. Patients that maintain physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle require very infrequent care unless they re-injure themselves. However, some patients have significant degenerative changes or past traumas that have resulted in permanent changes. These patients may require ongoing management. That being said, it is not unusual to feel significant relief after the first visit, good improvement after 4-6 visits and a return to their previous level of health and function within 8-12 visits. Those who elect to continue care on an infrequent basis and adopt healthier lifestyles suffer far less reinjury.
  • Do You Take X-rays?
    X-rays are necessary if the history and examination findings indicate that it is medically necessary (trauma, anomaly, bone disease, old fracture, etc). Under these circumstances, I would refer the patient to their primary care physician or a local imaging center. This cost is typically covered by most insurance policies.
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