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Sciatica occurs due to irritation of the sciatic nerve and/or low back nerve roots. Pain is often sharp, shooting, and may feel like an electric shock running down the back, buttock, thigh, and leg. Weakness, numbness, and tingling may also occur in the lower extremities. Pain may come on gradually with prolonged, improper sitting or suddenly with bending, lifting, and twisting motions. The sciatic nerve may be irritated at the spine or entrapped within deep muscles of the buttock and leg. Those who present with this condition without prior significant trauma commonly have a history of chronic joint stiffness in the pelvis and mid back, in addition to weak core and buttock muscles. All of these factors produce stress on the lower spine and discs, which may lead to disc problems, muscle tension and consequent sciatic symptoms. Joint manipulation of stiff joints and core/buttock strengthening to support the low back are essential to alleviate and prevent this condition.

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