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Numbness & Tingling in the Arms

These symptoms are most commonly thought to originate from disc herniation or protrusion of the spinal vertebra in the neck.  While this is a possible causal factor, it is not the only one under examination.   Nerves can also be entrapped after they exit the spine as they course through other tissues to their destination.  The spinal nerves must pass through these tight, contracted muscles to deliver nervous impulses supplying the arms and hands.  Orthopaedic tests and specific soft tissue evaluation at key nerve/muscle interfaces can differentiate between nerve irritation at or outside the spine.  If a cervical (neck) disc pathology has occurred, upper thoracic manipulation is essential to create mobility in surrounding vertebra and reduce mechanical stress on the vertebra of the neck.  If there is irritation located outside the spine, specific soft tissue and nerve mobilization techniques are used at this office. 


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