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Shoulder Treatment
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Our mission is to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction by our proven treatment methods.


Who We Are

Needham Chiropractic Associates, P.C. is a multi-doctor facility that has been serving the health care needs of patients since 1981. Our philosophical approach to care is to evaluate and treat both muscular and skeletal structures. Doctors at Needham Chiropractic Associates, P.C. utilize both soft tissue techniques (Active Release Technique®) and gentle, specific, manual manipulation of the spine and extremities.

We also feel that patient education is an essential tool, allowing patients to take an active role in their health care. What this means for our patients, is not only the reduction of symptoms, but also an ultimate goal of unrestricted movement in activities of daily living.

We feel it is important that at the beginning of a treatment plan, both the doctor and patient understand the functional goal of treatment and the necessary steps to achieve optimal clinical outcome.

The doctors at Needham Chiropractic Associates are affiliated with the Veterans Association and proudly serve our veterans.


Visit Us Or Send Us A Message

(781) 449-5722

1410 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA  02492

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